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Frequently Asked Questions

Need answers fast? See some of the most frequently asked questions below. Still don't see the answer to your question, check out the rest of our website or contact us directly.

  • I'm trying to start a GSA at my school, but I'm encountering resistance from my school's administration. What can I do and how can GLSEN Arizona support me in this?"
    You have the right to form a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance or Gender Sexuality Alliance) or other any other type of LGBTQ+ student-focused club and have it be recognized the same as any other groups recognized by your school. So long as there are other non-curricular clubs on your school's campus, your GSA must be treated the same as the other clubs. When starting a club, showing administrators the data around positive student outcomes (i.e. better grades, better attendance) can also help. Start with the Arizona Snapshot and the National School Climate Survey. Otherwise, GLSEN Arizona and ACLU Arizona can step in to offer support if your school is still denying your rights as a student club.
  • I'm an educator; what are some of the ways I can get involved with GLSEN Arizona?
    Thank you for all you do as an educator. We're excited for you to be involved with GLSEN Arizona. First, check out our For Educators page to see the full list of our Educator opportunities. From there, you can see about scheduling a GLSEN Arizona educator professional development training, attending one of our educator events like the Back2School Summit, or joining our Educators Facebook Group. If you're a GSA Club Advisor looking to schedule a GLSEN GSA Visit, go the the GSA Visit section of the For Students page. If you'd like to become a GLSEN Arizona volunteer, you can check out our Volunteer page.
  • I'm a student; what are some of the ways I can get involved with GLSEN Arizona?
    First of all, thank you for being a student leader in your community. You're exactly the kind of person who's going to make a difference for LGBTQ+ students. We're excited for you to be involved with GLSEN Arizona. First, check out our For Students page to see the full list of our Student opportunities. From there, you can see about scheduling a GLSEN Arizona GSA Visit for your school's GSA, gathering resources, or attending one of our student events like the Back2School Summit. If you'd like to get even more involved, build your leadership skills, and join a tight-knit community of peers, you should definitely apply to join our SHINE Team where you'll have an opportunity to have a direct impact on the work of GLSEN Arizona. If you have any questions or just need general support and advice in starting a GSA at your school, you can email
  • I'm a community member and/or LGBTQ+ ally; what are some of the ways I can get involved with GLSEN Arizona?
    Thank you for you interest in supporting our work! There are several ways you can get involved and support our work. You can: Attend one of our events Donate a Rainbow Library Join us at Sparkle Glitter GLSEN Make a gift Tell your story Follow us on social media
  • I'm with a local organization that's interested in collaborating with GLSEN Arizona; who can I contact to learn more?
    There's so much work to be done; the more people doing the work the better. GLSEN Arizona is always looking for new organizations and non-profits to build meaningful partnerships around LGBTQ+ youth and education. You can see a list of our current Tier 1 Partners here and connect with our Community Outreach Coordinator at
  • I want to advocate for safer school policies for LGBTQ+ students. How can I do that with GLSEN Arizona?
    Thank you for wanting to take on this work. The road to full protections for LGBTQ+ youth is a bumpy one here in Arizona, so these students need all the support they can get. Know that advocating for LGBTQ+ students can happen at every level: the school, the district, and the state. Schools can adopt enumerated anti-LGBTQ+ bullying policies; districts can adopt more inclusive curriculum; Arizona can ban conversion therapy. To get involved in this important work, check out the For Public Policy page. There you can find information on LGBTQ+ Lobby Day at the Capitol and where to find information on attending your local school board meeting. You can also email with questions and to learn more about how you can join the GLSEN Phoenix Policy Committee.
  • Who are GLSEN Arizona's board members, coordinators, and student leaders?
    GLSEN Arizona is made up of a volunteer working board, part-time contracted coordinators, and student leaders from the SHINE Team. To see whose leading the charge on creating safer schools for LGBTQ+ students throughout Arizona, check out Our Leadership page.
  • Seems like GLSEN Arizona does a lot of political advocacy. Is GLSEN Arizona a non-partisan organization?
    As a 501(c)3 non-profit, GLSEN Arizona is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse political candidates or parties; we support all legislation and policy that promote safe, inclusive learning environments for LGBTQ+ students and their peers.
  • What's the best way to contact GLSEN Arizona?
    Contacting us is simple. For general questions, you can always email us at And for the latest updates definitely follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For a complete list of our contact information like department emails, addresses, and phone numbers, check out our Contact Us page.
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