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Professional Development Training

Intentional Inclusion PD Series

Outcomes for Educators

Our Intentional Inclusion training series supports participants’ understanding of core concepts, shared language, and best practices around Intentional and intersectional inclusion for LGBTQ+ students. 

During our time together, participants will:

  • Create shared language & analysis of LGBTQ+ issues 

  • Increase skill and confidence to support and advocate for LGBTQ+ students 

  • Practice intentional LGBTQ+ inclusion in the classroom and school environment. 

  • Understand how to access additional resources to continue learning

Who do we mean when we say "Educators"?


For GLSEN Professional Development, the term “educator” includes, but is not limited to: current or future K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Paraprofessionals, Librarians, Nurses, Bus Drivers, District Staff, School Resource Officers, Cafeteria Workers, etc.

Content & Format of Training

Intentional Inclusion is comprised of four 2-hour modules that must be complete in sequence and can be completed over the course of one or multiple sessions:

  • Module 1: Foundations: Shared Language and Analysis for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

  • Module 2: Eliminating Exclusion of LGBTQ+ People at School

  • Module 3: Proven Practices for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

  • Module 4: Embedding Equity: Action Planning for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

All Intentional Inclusion modules are intersectionality forward with an emphasis on advancing racial, gender, and disability justice.

Our training modules intersperse presentation, education, discussion and dialogue, application, and when needed, embodied movement and reflection activities. All GLSEN trainers are adept in creating interactive, engaged learning experiences with opportunities for small group discussion and integration into daily work.

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Classroom with student raising hand and teacher coming to help.
School building double doors with POC Pride Flag on window that says "Safe Space for All."
Headshot of Carla Rivera-Cruz.

GLSEN started as an organization that wanted to promote safety and affirmation for students who identify as LGBTQ. But their resources, their philosophies, their core values, and the skills they’re equipping all educators with actually transcend that.

Carla Rivera-Cruz, Founder and CEO of EDpiphany

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