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GLSEN Phoenix's Statement on Black Lives Matter

GLSEN Phoenix stands with and will fight alongside the Black community. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We support anti-racist protests and organizations. We support Black students.

We recognize that we still have work to do at both the organizational and individual level not only to decenter whiteness but to be blatantly anti-racist. We ask that you join us in being vocally anti-racist and using your platform to amplify the stories, voices, and organizations of the Black community.

GLSEN Phoenix is not the expert. We will learn from and take our lead from leaders in the Black community. We will credit and tag posts from organizations we amplify and ask that you do the same. We join our fellow community partners in taking a stand against police brutality and systems of white supremacy that continue to end Black lives.

Please direct your support to organizations like @blackmothersforum or the @acluofarizona’s Demand to Learn campaign that focus specifically on making school safer for Black students.

kneeling protesters

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