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CALL TO ACTION: SCR 1025 - the “Parent’s Bill of Rights”!

This Tuesday, February 14th, the Senate Health and Human Services committee will hear SCR 1025.

SCR 1025, a Senate Concurrent Resolution, would be the first step towards putting a “parent’s bill of rights” into the Arizona constitution. Click here to access the text of this bill. SCR 1025 is a dangerous setback for LGBTQ+ youth rights.

Some important things to know about SCR 1025:

  • A Concurrent Resolution (SCR) differs from a House Bill (HB) or a Senate Bill (SB) because it will not go to the governor's desk. This means Governor Hobbs will not have the opportunity to veto. If passed, the resolution will go to ballot in 2024 for Arizonans to vote on.

  • This resolution is part of a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Arizona and around the country. Transgender students in particular are under attack.

  • Young people should have the freedom to make important choices for themselves – and make mistakes along the way with the support of parents and teachers. This independence is vital as they develop into adults.

  • This resolution drives a wedge between parents and teachers and places children right in the middle. Parents deserve to be heard, and a healthy dialogue between parents and teachers provides the best opportunities for our children. Arizona teachers want to work with parents to support the best interests of students.

  • This resolution would require teachers to forcibly out LGBTQ+ youth – without any consideration of whether the child might be harmed as a result. While not every parent would reject a gay or transgender child, many of these kids have been kicked out of their homes, faced verbal or physical abuse, or been forced to undergo harmful “conversion therapy” practices by parents. Schools may be the only safe place for some youth to go and speak with a supportive adult.

  • The language of this resolution is vague – it allows parents to bring suit against any governmental entity for “interfering with” or “usurping” their fundamental rights, which could allow for unfounded lawsuits based on parents' dislike of teachers or the school system.

Here are three ways you can take immediate action:

  1. Register your RTS account with the Arizona legislature and testify next week. The Request To Speak system is a website that allows the public to register opinions and share comments on bills as they are discussed during committee hearings in the Arizona Senate or House of Representatives.

  2. Register for GLSEN Arizona's Testimony Workshop and learn how to prepare a personal testimony to speak at upcoming legislative and school board meetings.

  3. Find and contact your legislators. First, use the online district locator tool to look up your address and see your Arizona Senate and House district. After locating your districts, look up your legislators.

Check out our Working Group's Bill Tracker for up to date information on the 2023 Legislative Session.



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