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GLSEN Phoenix's Statement on COVID-19

As schools across the country and in Arizona are making hard decisions about how to operate during this upcoming fall semester, GLSEN Phoenix has been considering the best path forward in order to balance the physical and mental health of both students and teachers. We’d like to make the following statement on behalf of our GLSEN Phoenix board: ⁠

GLSEN Phoenix stands in support of the Arizona Education Association’s recommendation that schools remain closed in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. The core of our work at GLSEN Phoenix is to help create a safe and healthy learning environment for students. Although learning at home creates unique obstacles for students, teachers, and families, we recognize that the health and safety of Arizona students -- along with the adults who work with them in K-12 schools, is of the uppermost importance.⁠

Since the beginning of this public health crisis, GLSEN Phoenix has provided support and resources for educators, students, and their families to ensure that every student is supported and engaged in creating LGBTQ-inclusive schools, regardless of their real or perceived gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Even with closing in-person education, we will continue to facilitate virtual professional development for K12 faculty and staff, provide virtual student support and leadership development through our SHINE program, and advocate for policies that support all students. ⁠

Anyone interested in learning more about our programs or resources is welcome to contact GLSEN Phoenix at

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