• joe09681

Email Template: Veto SB1138 and SB1165

Subject line: Veto SB1138 and SB1165

Dear Governor Ducey,

I am writing to urge you to veto SB1138 and SB 1165. If passed, these bills will cause immediate and direct harm to transgender youth and their families all across Arizona. As you know, Governor Holcomb from Indiana vetoed a similar bill, as did Governor Cox of Utah who cited the high suicide rates amongst transgender youth.

As an Arizona constituent, I believe it’s extremely important that Arizona’s leadership makes it clear that trans youth and their families are welcomed, valued, and protected. Allowing these bills to pass into law will send the message that trans youth’s mental health and wellbeing doesn’t matter, contributing to increased stigma and bullying for trans kids.

SB1138 will ban transgender youth from accessing life-saving gender-affirming medical care that is deemed safe and appropriate for patients under the age of 18 according to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). It also takes medical decisions out of the hands of parents and trusted medical providers and places them in the hands of politicians.

SB1165 will ban trans girls from participating in girls’ sports. Participating in sports has several benefits including better mental and physical health outcomes, opportunities to make friends, and to build important life skills. The validity of trans identities is well supported by science. Forcing trans girls to play on boys' teams is humiliating, invalidating, and will cause emotional distress and harm. Additionally, this bill will threaten all girls, including cisgender girls. This bill will put all girls at risk of invasive examinations and testing to determine who is transgender, which will increase bullying towards any student who is has a gender nonconforming gender expression.

Please show the citizens of Arizona and all across the nation that you care about supporting and protecting transgender youth by vetoing SB1138 and SB1165.