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HB 2517 to be heard by the House Government Committee.

On February 8th, HB 2517 will be heard by the House Government Committee. HB 2517 would ban X gender markers on state-issued identity documents, like driver licenses or birth certificates.

SB 1026 and SB 1030 will be heard by to the Senate Government Committee also on February 8th.

  • SB 1026 prohibits state money from being used for “drag shows targeting minors” which it defines to encompass a wide enough range of expression that a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or a transgender math teacher performing a skit to explain the quadratic formula could be penalized under this law.

  • SB 1030 zones any business that hosts drag shows as an “adult oriented business,” and mandates permitting for drag shows and drag performers. SB 1030 uses the same definition of drag as SB 1026, which means it could be interpreted to require permits for any trans person participating in the performing arts.

Here are three ways you can take immediate action:

  1. Register for GLSEN Arizona's Testimony Workshop and learn how to prepare a personal testimony to speak at upcoming legislative and school board meetings.

  2. Register your RTS account with the Arizona legislature. The Request To Speak system is a website that allows the public to register opinions and voice comments on bills as they are discussed during committee hearings in the Arizona Senate or House of Representatives.

  3. Find and contact your legislators. First, use the online district locator tool to look up your address and see your Arizona Senate and House district. After locating your districts, look up your legislators.

Check out our Working Group's Bill Tracker for up to date information on the 2023 Legislative Session.



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