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GLSEN Arizona Weekly Legislative Session Update June 30th

In light of rulings by the Supreme Court in recent days, regarding affirmative action in college admissions and permitting some businesses to discriminate, we at GLSEN Arizona are clear on our position: we will continue working to ensure that our most marginalized community members have opportunities to thrive.

We are committed to living in a world in which LGBTQIA+ justice, gender justice, racial justice, and disability justice exist across the state’s K-12 system. And, we will keep fighting to support LGBTQIA+ students as they make their way through school and into college, the workforce, and adulthood.

Here in Arizona, Governor Hobbs continues to make us proud. This week she signed two executive orders to protect LGBTQ+ people in Arizona. The first is a ban on the use of state and federal money for conversion therapy for minors, and the second advances and protects gender-affirming healthcare, including in state health insurance plans.

Join GLSEN Arizona and our local partners at Governor Hobbs Thank You Reception. On June 8th we will thank the governor for her unwavering support of the AZ LGBTQIA+ community. In the meantime, click here and send Governor Hobbs a thank you card in advance.



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