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GLSEN Phoenix stands in solidarity

Along with others across the nation, GLSEN Phoenix is shocked and angered by the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that would reverse the landmark Roe v Wade decision. Although many anticipated this would be the Supreme Court’s decision, it is a harsh reality to accept in the 21st century.

As an organization whose mission is to ensure that every student has the right to a safe, supportive, and LGBTQ-inclusive K-12 education, GLSEN Phoenix stands in solidarity with all those who believe in the right to bodily autonomy. We recognize this decision as part of a larger trend as well, one that includes local and state efforts to discriminate against and even eliminate the rights of LGBTQ people, especially youth. The rights of so many are in jeopardy and the stakes are high. The Supreme Court’s draft decision only further invigorates the work of social justice organizations like GLSEN Phoenix.

As we continue our vital work in education, we also proudly and vehemently support reproductive justice and encourage you to participate however you are able - whether with time or money. Please consider supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood Arizona and Abortion Fund of Arizona as we continue the fight.

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