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Governor Hobbs Joins GLSEN’s Rise Up Campaign, Pledges to Protect LGBTQ+ Youth in Arizona

GLSEN Arizona is thrilled to announce that Governor Hobbs has released a proclamation declaring Arizona communities safe and affirming places for LGBTQ+ youth – part of a larger movement by elected officials to Rise Up for LGBTQ+ youth across the country.

In response to the state legislature continuing to pass anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-education legislation, GLSEN Arizona requested a Rise Up proclamation from the governor’s office. Launched in March 2023, GLSEN’s Rise Up for LGBTQ+ Youth campaign calls on every adult in a position of authority to visibly support equal educational opportunities and assert that schools be free from transphobia, homophobia, racism, and all forms of bigotry and discrimination. The National Education Association, American School Counselor Association, National Association of School Psychologists, and over 140 LGBTQ+ justice, civil rights, and education organizations have joined GLSEN in this call.

“Attacks against LGBTQ+ youth have become more frequent and more vicious, and we can’t wait to take action to protect Arizona students and educators,” said GLSEN Arizona Board Co-Chairs Andi Young (she/her) and Shawnte Rothschild (she/her). “We are grateful to Governor Hobbs for pledging to rise up in support of LGBTQ+ youth and policies that promote safe and inclusive schools. We stand in solidarity with LGBTQ+ youth and supportive parents and educators across the state, and we’re never going to stop fighting for safe, inclusive, and affirming learning environments for all students.”

Here in Arizona, the governor’s resolution is a clear demand for equal educational opportunities, basic civil rights protections, and freedom from erasure for all students, including LGBTQ+ young people in K-12 schools. View a digital version of Arizona’s Rise Up proclamation here.

Join us in thanking Governor Hobbs for working to protect Arizona’s LGBTQ+ youth! First, send her a virtual thank you card. Then, come out and thank her IN PERSON this Saturday, July 8th, from 12 to 2 pm. RSVP for the July 8th Governor Hobbs Thank You Reception here!



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