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SCR 1025 has passed and Crossover week is upon us.

On Tuesday February 14th SCR 1025, the “parent’s bill of rights” was passed by the Senate Health and Human Services committee.

This coming week is Crossover week, meaning all of the bills that passed committee in the originating chamber will now be considered for progression in the second chamber before the end of the legislative session.

By the end of next week, legislators will select bills for their first readings and preliminary committee assignments, at which point we will know what the early priorities are for this next phase of the session. GLSEN Arizona is currently working with our partners to develop talking points for critical bills that have crossed over and have the potential for moving forward.

In order to combat these anti-LGBTQ+ bills and prepare for when each bill is assigned to committee:

  1. Register for GLSEN Arizona's Testimony Workshop and learn how to prepare a personal testimony to speak at upcoming legislative and school board meetings.

  2. Find and contact your legislators. First, use the online district locator tool to look up your address and see your Arizona Senate and House district. After locating your districts, look up your legislators.

Check out our Working Group's Bill Tracker for up to date information on the 2023 Legislative Session.



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