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Trans Day of Visibility 2021 Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources and discussion activities for GSAs and classrooms.

Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an annual event honored on March 31st celebrating transgender people, both raising awareness about the discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide, as well as a celebration of their contributions to society.

It is important to acknowledge that an increase in trans and non-binary visibility is important for trans young people to feel represented, and that events such as Trans Day of Visibility can be a great opportunity for people to learn how they can become better allies to trans folks. However, it is also important to note that while visibility can be positive for some folks, it can also be a difficult topic for others. For example, transgender people who are ‘stealth’ may choose not to reveal their trans identity to others as a survival tactic to protect themselves from transphobia on the institutional or interpersonal level. In addition, as an anti-racist organization it is also significant to mention that visibility can also be difficult for trans folks with other marginalized identities. This is especially for BIPOC trans and non-binary folks, who may feel like their race already makes them hypervisible to discrimination such as policing, so their trans identity can also further make them hypervisible to oppressive practices.

When standing in solidarity with trans folks, we must make sure that we are standing in solidarity with ALL trans folks and not just some. Remember to uplift and center trans and non-binary voices of various backgrounds, including BIPOC, disabled, immigrant trans voices and more.

For more information about becoming a better trans ally, please check out our resources below.

GLSEN Trans Day of Visibility 2021 Resources

Additional Resources

Check Out These Arizonan Trans Organizations!

GSA Activities

  • Authenticity & Right to Tell Trans Narratives

  • Highlight Trans historical figures. You can use the LGBTQ History Cards to share stories and the impact figures made!

  • Trans and nonbinary centered conversation. Ask trans and nonbinary folks if they are comfortable sharing their stories and their needs from allies. This is a great time to pass the mic and listen.

  • Social Media visibility: Share your photo or video on social media channels. Disrupt threads typically dominated by cis folks like #LGBTQ #Pride #Beautiful etc. Add to threads such as #tdov, #transisbeautiful to see the amazing community that pops up throughout the day. (Always consider your safety before posting anything public) ***if you are not able to be visible, that is ok, you are still valid.

GLSEN Phoenix GSA Discussion Questions

  • When was the first time you felt represented? This could be either in a space in person, or through a source of media. How did it make you feel?

  • Who is normally centered during Trans Day of Visibility? Are there any narratives that are oftentimes left out when talking about the trans narrative? (i.e. think intersectionality)

  • What type of stories would you like to see amplified during Trans Day of Visibility?

  • Is there a trans person in your life who brings you joy?

  • What does a liberated future for trans folks look like?