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Testimony Workshop

Learn to Tell Your Story to Advocate for LGBTQ+ Youth

GLSEN Arizona is offering free biweekly Zoom workshops to equip community members – students, educators, school administrators, and parents – with the practical knowledge needed to deliver their own 2-minute testimony at legislative and school board meetings.

Key Features of Testimony for Public Advocacy

 - Covers the structure of a 2-minute testimony

 - Breaks down specific components of an impactful testimony

 - Logistics of testifying and steps to protect your safety and privacy after testifying

Storytelling Testimony Training
SRO Statement
Police Car Lights

[I]t is our belief that to work with School Resource Officers (SROs) would run counter to our mission, compromise our efficacy, and make schools feel hostile, especially for BIPOC students. For these reasons, we at GLSEN Phoenix support policies that defund SROs.

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