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Thank You for the Recall!

In the spirit of gratitude, please take a moment to email or call the following local Representatives and thank them for their efforts to repeal the anti-trans sports ban (HB2068).

Contact Information:

Rep. Flavio Bravo (district 26) (602) 926-3018

Rep. Andres Cano (district 20) (602) 926-3027

Rep. Patricia Contreras (district 12) (602) 926-3018

Rep. Nancy Gutierrez (district 18) (602) 926-3018

Rep. Melody Hernandez (district 8) (602) 926-3449

Rep. Christopher Mathis (district 18) (602) 926-3138

Rep. Analise Ortiz (district 24) (602) 926-3018

Rep. Marcelino Quinonez (district 11) (602) 926-3285

Rep. Mariana Sandoval (district 23) (602) 926-3018

Rep. Judy Schwiebert (district 2) (602) 926-3390

Rep. Keith Seaman (district 16) (602) 926-3018

Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (district 21) (602) 926-3279

Rep. Laura Terech (district 4) (602) 926-3018

Important Reminders:

  • For more information about how to look up your district and legislators, please visit

  • In addition to messaging AZ lawmakers about bills, you can take positions on bills (for / against) and sign up to speak during committee hearings through the Request to Speak (RTS) system. For more information about RTS, visit For support with signing up for RTS, visit the Civic Engagement Beyond Voting website.

  • Watch your inbox and our GLSEN Arizona social media accounts for policy updates this legislative session!

  • Check our Working Group Bill Tracker and stay up to date on this year’s legislative session.



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