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The Value of Pride - A Peaceful Protest.

As we don brightly colored clothing, raise our handmade signs into the air, and chant in harmony with hundreds of powerful voices, remember that the first Pride march was a peaceful protest.

One year after the Stonewall uprisings, parades marched through Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago as an exercise of the constitutional right endowed upon all individuals: Congress shall make no law… prohibiting…the right of the people peaceably to assemble - your first amendment.

As we continue to grow and understand the monumental importance of this right and engage in this year's extraordinary celebration of love, peace and liberation at Pride - let's talk about a few important factors!

What is a Peaceful Protest?

Peaceful Protest: is a non-violent event or action where people gather with others to publicly declare their opinion and usually dissent about a specific injustice occurring in society.

What are the goals of Peaceful Protest?

  • To influence public opinion

  • To bring attention to and share information about a specific injustice

  • To gain a wider audience for the cause

  • To push for inclusive policy

  • To connect with like minded individuals

What are the various forms of Peaceful Protest?

  • Marches: ex. Pride Parade

  • Sit-ins: ex. Compton’s Cafeteria Riot

  • Boycotts: Company or Brand

  • Speeches: ex. Harvey Milk’s Gay Freedom Day Speech

  • Performance Art: ex. Lady Gaga 2012 St. Petersburg Concert

Peaceful protest is a powerful tool of the otherwise voiceless, and a megaphone that amplifies any cause. It has the power to create impactful civil, political, and cultural change. The State and the country have the duty to foster and protect this fundamental constitutional right.

Pride is as much a time to revel in joy and community as it is a time to act and use our voices to demand change. For this cause, joy is the tool that we fight with and everything that we fight for. In a hateful world, joy is rebellion.

So, make your voice heard. March, shout, and laugh. Plant the seed of joy in your heart, a weapon and kindling for the fire that drives us forward- into a kinder, more inclusive world.

By Zoe Lenz, GLSEN Arizona SHINE Leader



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